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This blog exists to provide factual trade information regarding Alex Land Enterprises, a registered corporation in the state of Missouri since 6/24/2004. The corporation is owned by Susan Corbett Brass, aka Alex Land. All information contained within this blog is factual, culled from public records and other substantiated sources. All community agency (police, etc.) contact information is as current as possible. Please report any broken links to site administrator.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Bad Transactions: Actual Names of Victims Withheld

This is a partial list of victims of Alex Land. More information will be added as it is collected and verified.

Victim #1

"I actually ordered quite a bit of stuff as I felt sorry for her and her kidnapped son. The problem I had was that the Aplix 800 I paid for was never sent, I got some kind of cheap imitation stuff instead. There were 32 yards of Aplix paid for.

Paid for order via PayPal 04/07/04
Paid for shipping via PayPal 04/15/04

The entire order was $83.71 and shipping was $18.00. Her price on Aplix now is $0.68 per yard, so that would amount to around $21.76 in Aplix.

I never filed with PayPal because, after all, I did receive a box and Alex could prove that. This was coop merchandise, so I couldn't file with Ebay either."

Victim #2

"I've paid for 2 yrds PUL from round 6...have that document of course... paid funded PP have that document as well... but round 6 was a pre-order and by the time she disapeared the 30 days to file at PP where long gone... I'm still waiting and
am not sure what to do... I've read she had the PUL and was sending out... I guess there is nothing I can do but wait and see if I'm gonna get it or not...
this 30 day thing with PP makes me sick... I feel like I'm out of
money because they only allow 30 days after payment to get anything
back... this is a good scam for her as well, the pre-order thing...
by the time it should be on its way the 30 days are loooooooooong
gone and all I can do is hope the package will ever get here."

Victim #3

"Ebay auctions won 11/01 paid for 12/01 item never received
paypal claim filed and then withdrawn after Alex 'blackmailed' me into withdrawing it."

Victim #4

"Ebay item #(removed to protect privacy) bare wear stars diaper.

Received a Paypal or Credit Card dispute refund after filing a
claim, Refund (ID #removed) ($6.99)
In reference to: (removed) (paypal id #) also filed 2 square trade complaints ebay complaint for fraud."


Victim #5

"March 2004 is when this mess started. I paid within minutes of
getting total. I filed a complaint with PayPal right before 30 days
was about to pass. Thats when she sent half my items and refused to
send the rest. PayPal dropped the complaint because they had
delivery confirmation. Susan never sent anything else. I filed with
my credit card company and April 27th I was refunded $68.25. I have
documentation to prove everything."


Victim #6

"My dealings with Alex Land started late 2003.

I joined her co-op at yahoogroups and started buying Aplix (a strong velcro) from her.

Everything was fine until February of 2004.

I was in another co-op at yahoogroups. The owner of that co-op, was saying that Alex owed her money.

Well, I decided then and there that I didn't want to be in a coop of a dishonest person so I had decided as soon as I got my most recent shipment of Aplix I would leave her coop. I didn't tell Alex that was in intention, but I think the must have found out because she started being really rude to me.

I had recently paid for my Aplix and I wanted to make sure she had gotten it so I asked her if she got it.

*see Notes 1 for the posts from me and the reply's from her about the aplix in her coop.

*Notes 2 is the paypal payment from me to her to prove that I did indeed pay her for the items.

Okay, so assuming you've read Notes 1, you will see that I supposedly sent my paypal payment to the wrong account. She repeatedly asked me to pay her again. I repeatedly told her I could NOT repay her until she refunded me the money. Honestly, what business person asks you to repay them BEFORE they refund you??

So finally, I decided to take things into my own hand and file a claim with paypal to get my money back.

A few days after all this I got a package in the mail from Alex. *see Notes 4&5. At first I thought it might be a money order or a check (refund) something because It didn't feel like anything was in there. When I opened it there was no money in it, but a note saying "what comes around goes around". I was sitting with my husband at the time and he said "what kind of person is this??"

Mind you, the amount of Aplix I ordered would NOT have fit in this envelope. Also, the package/envelope was a 1 oz rate and 16 yards of aplix would have weighed a lot more than 1 oz.

Just ask anyone in the cloth diapering community and they'll tell you the exact same thing.

A few days later she posts on a yahoogroup where you report ebay transactions gone bad and other online transactions gone bad. The post which I printed out for you in *Notes 3. This is the post where she first claimed that her son had been kidnapped by her ex husband. She claims it was a result of me and another woman posting her address all over the internet. Back then I had no idea where she lived. Someone told me she lived in Missourri and that was only after I was told I should contact the attorney general in her state."

*Notes have been removed.

Victim #7

"Here's a copy of the e-mail I received when PayPal ruled in my favor
and my funds were recovered. I had purchased 8 yds of PUL and filed with PP
when I returned home from vacation and found out that she was in jail. Let me
know if you need anything else."

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2004 10:04 PM
To: fundedpaypal@(removed)
Subject: Resolution of Buyer Complaint Case # PP-(removed)
Dear (removed)

PayPal has concluded our investigation of your Buyer Complaint.

Complaint Details

Transaction Date: Apr. 29, 2004
Transaction Amount: -$48.22 USD
Case Number: PP-(removed)
Seller's Name: Liz Alex Land
Seller's Email:

Our investigation has determined that the seller is at fault, and as a
result we have attempted to recover your funds.
$48.22 USD has been credited to your account. This is the maximum
amount we
were able to recover. Please allow up to 5 days for this adjustment to
reflected in your account.

We appreciate your business, and regret this experience.

To make sure future transactions proceed smoothly, we suggest reading
Security Tips:


Protection Services Department


Victim #8

"I came across Alex Land on ebay and purchased Aplix from her on ebay. I saw that she also sold PUL, and I really wanted something different than all the PUL I was seeing offered. I inquired to her about having my own fabric laminated. We emailed back and forth for a couple of days. During this time I posted on the (removed) board about Alex and was told to stay away from her. I asked for an explanation as to why and was pointed to the Bad Apple Boards.

There I saw some back and forth, but I thought it was just gossip. I emailed Alex about the boards and her email back to me was very convincing. She said it was the competition trying to hurt her business. I bought it and went ahead and sent my fabric.

Then Alex disappeared from her yahoo group and a rumor spread that she was in jail. I didn’t know how to verify these facts, so I did not concern myself with it. I instead concentrated my efforts on trying to get back the fabric from the laminating company. After she finally showed back up, I asked questions. Her answers did not make sense. So I joined the Saga Group, to try and keep informed of what was going on. She started lying in her emails to me about where our fabric was. I knew this because (the laminating compnay) was still emailing me updates. She only let a few of my posts go through, but then twisted the facts, probably to confuse the group into thinking I did not know what I was talking about.

During this time I emailed Alex that I knew where the fabric was and that I would like an invoice that included delivery confirmation and postal insurance. I stated that my package would be opened at the post office in the presence of a postal employee. No response.

I spoke with the police in Mountain View Missouri, the Howell County Sheriff’s Office and then Mr. Adams in West Plains. All confirmed that Ms. Land (not her real name) was not beaten during her three week absence, she was incarcerated. She did lose custody of her son and did kidnap him.

This morning, the meeting took place. (removed) with two other officers went to Susan’s home. Upon arrival, her door was open, but she shut it when the cars pulled up. Like I said earlier, she was described as short, long dark hair and slightly bugged out dark eyes. She was wearing Amish type clothing. She was also very beligerant and refused to cooperate. (removed) had a signed release form from me, money order AND cash, and photos of the fabric. She would not give it up. So Mr. Adams has filed theft charges against her. She is also being brought up on charges in Iowa and New Jersey."