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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

More Victims of Bad Business Dealings with Alex Land

Victim #9

Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 11:34 PM
Subject: Re: eBay purchases - item #4306******

I emailed a few days ago letting you know I would not be sending money. This is do to information I received from eBay and group members as well information from your local police department. I believe it is in my best interest, and my family's, that I have no further dealings with you.

Please feel free to leave negative feedback. I will, however, return the favor. I will also be forwarding all correspondence to your local police department.

(name removed)

*This victim sent this email to Susan after many attempts to get a straight story from her regarding her purchases. After calling the authorities, she determined that sending money would not be in her best interest.(alextracker)


Victim #10

"I found cute diapers on ebay and felt sorry for the seller because her child was kidnapped *(see links, the child was NOT kidnapped and is safe with his father) so I bought two of the diapers. Paid April 9th.

A week and a half later I wrote Alex Land (Susan Corbett) and asked if she has sent them yet, she stated yes and that I was the fourth person that states they did not get them so she said she will make some more and sent them to me again. A week later I wrote her and she said she sent them out already. So I waited another five days(she had good feedback and again I felt sorry).

When I never saw them I tried to get ahold of her and her ebay account was closed. So I followed ebay rules and filed a complaint but unfortunately Paypal time ran out so I could not get my money back.

Soon after Alex Land wrote me stating "Feedback is a two way street and I was just trying to impress my friends by leaving neg. feedback knowing I got my diapers." She left same feedback to me as she did others "Bidder pretended non-receipt, but the Post Office has CONFIRMED DELIVERY!!"

When I asked her to proof the delivery confirmation she could not and said all of her buyers are spamming her then stopped writing me. She was rude and had crazy talk. I am out $13.23 and have 2 neg. feedback's because of her."


Victim #11

"Alex sold fake aplix to me twice, though I didn't know it was fake
until after she was in jail. The total for the fake aplix was small,
less than ten dollars' worth. Then I had a paypal reversal done also.
It was $38.22.It was a purchase through alexcoops for
Microfleece, Aplix, Lastin, and possibly something else, but I can't
remember now. Here is a copy/paste of the paypal reversal:

Refund (ID #1SR5892*********)
In reference to: 23U6055808*******

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May 25, 2004 Refund From Alex Land Ent. Completed ...

Alex Land Ent.

Business Contact Information:

Customer Service Email:

Total Amount:
$38.22 USD

May 25, 2004
20:32:46 PDT