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Monday, June 28, 2004

The Question of "Jon-Jon"

Susan is using a picture of her toddler son to gain sympathy for her "cause" on her Ebay auctions (user name alex_land) and at her online store Jonathan Junction:

She claims that he was abducted by her ex-husband and is in danger.

Link to her latest offering: here

The facts are:

*"Jon-Jon's" father was awarded physical custody by the Iowa courts.

Link to the court document:

*Susan violated a custody order and kidnapped the child and was on the run with him for 4 months.

Link to missing child website for this case:

*She was arrested for the custody violation and was jailed in Iowa for the offense.

*She is currently out on $10,000.00 bond, awaiting trial (7/13/2004) for the criminal charges.

Link to the court documents here:

You will need to input the search criteria at this site. Do a Trial Court case search for
Corbett, Susan E., Hardin County.

You'll be given a list of all the legal cases for this county that involve her. The pending criminal case is # 02421 FECR011314.

You will be able to find the criminal charge date, legal filings and bond information with the links on the top of the case page.

*The child is safe with his father.