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This blog exists to provide factual trade information regarding Alex Land Enterprises, a registered corporation in the state of Missouri since 6/24/2004. The corporation is owned by Susan Corbett Brass, aka Alex Land. All information contained within this blog is factual, culled from public records and other substantiated sources. All community agency (police, etc.) contact information is as current as possible. Please report any broken links to site administrator.

Friday, July 30, 2004

A Victim of the "Overseas Cash" Scam

On July 2nd I posted about Susan's "overseas cash" scam.

Here's her latest victim:

The auction ended on June 12, 2004 and the victim sent payment on June 15th, 2004.

" I bought a few auctions from her of PUL on ebay and when I went to pay she said I could not pay with paypal b/c it was not a verified addy. SO I asked about a money order she said no she could not take them but she would take cash. OK fine it was like $25 bucks so I sent it off. I had a bad feeling about it but did anyway.

Well I get a payment reminder from ebay, I wrote her saying I sent payment I am In Germany so maybe the mail is taking a little longer. OK well then I get another notice from her saying she was going to leave neg feedback if I didn't get a payment to her within the next 24 hours ! OK well that is not doable from Germany. Needless to say I'm not gonna pay $15 to send $25, there is no way.

 Well she says she didn't get payment and she's going to leave neg feedback  so I told her go right ahead b/c I was not going to send her anymore money. If she wanted a money order then maybe I would think about it. So she told me neg feedback it was.  To this day she hasn't left neg feedback so I have no clue. I'm just glad it wasn't more money then $25. "
Sound familiar?

Yet ANOTHER person who has been scammed by Susan Corbett. Susan has her money, and the victim has no fabric.


Thursday, July 29, 2004

Trial update

Susan's trial, originally scheduled for July, was granted a continuance and has been re-scheduled for September 29th, 2004.

This is for the violation of custody charge. See previous blog posts for the details about the incident.

alex_land back at Ebay

Susan Corbett, using the id alex_land has reappeared on Ebay. Undoubtedly they have decided that her auction fees in their pocket out-weigh her criminal activity. Imagine that.

For good measure, she has opened yet another store on Ebay, the PUL store.

Well, as we've said before, BUYER BEWARE!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Ebay Warning

Susan Corbett  is using her old Ebay id medelapumps. She is currently offering items for auction that appeared on her old id alex_land. Buyer beware!

She also has yet ANOTHER identified Ebay id alex_ent. The last use of this id was in May. There are several negative feedbacks on that id that are all to familiar.

There are other ids on Ebay that may be releated to her as well: land_enterprises, alexland and landent. These ids show no recent activity.

Friday, July 09, 2004

More aliases for Susan Corbett

Susan Corbett has another Ebay user id: medelapumps

The feedback here is private (surprise!). There were some Ebay bidders that paid Susan for Medela breast pumps but never received them. We are working with the victims of that scam to get their stories on the blog.

Also, Susan has used the name Susan Mills. She has Iowa court cases filed against her under this name.These cases are listed at the Iowa courts link that was previously posted. She used the birthdate of 7/11/1972 for this alias.

All of this information has been verified by the Iowa police authorities.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Susan Corbett

This is a picture of Susan Corbett aka Alex Land. This photo was provided by investigative sources.

Victim #13

"I didn't lose much money ($5.49), and the first transaction (PUL) with her went wonderfully (I ordered, I paid, she shipped immediately, I got it within 7 days of auction end). The second one (Aplix) was horrible...I paid, she never send any kind of email response (turns out this was when she was incarcerated). I heard of her incarceration, so I filed with PayPal to get my money back before the 30 day period was up. I also posted ONE negative feedback comment under the Aplix transaction because of the non-receipt, no communication. When I finally heard from her, it was from TWO negative feedbacks that she had left from my first transaction (the PUL). That transaction was over 30 days old, and she had never placed feedback for me until the second transaction (Aplix) had gone bad and I got a refund from PayPal. Since eBay had removed the Aplix transaction ID due to this scam, she couldn't post a response to it, so she used the other two open feedback comments (from the PUL) to slam me. I have lots of copies of emails. I have ones I sent and ones she sent me. I have given up on getting any kind of reasonable or logical response from her. I gave her positive feedback almost immediately to say I had received the PUL. She just couldn't seem to get it that there were two transactions. All her responses were illogical and mean. I've never met a business person that is so disreputable."

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Almost a Victim

* This person purchased items from Susan Corbett on Ebay. After the purchase, the buyer became aware of the bad business dealings of alex_land (Ebay user id). She checked with the police investigators in Missouri and they confirmed the information.

Susan/Alex would only accept Paypal or concealed cash, but because the buyer knew that Susan had a history of "delaying" shipments until the 30 day Paypal complaint window had closed, she requested another method of payment; cashier's check or money order.

The buyer had every intention of fulfilling her obligation, even though the seller, alex_land was disreputable. The buyer finally offered to pay with Paypal ONLY if the item was shipped Priority with signature confirmation to protect the buyer. The buyer also offered COD, but Susan said that her Post Office was phasing out COD service. That would be the only post office in the US that does that.

Susan refused both offers and ended the transaction.

(Because I cannot post the emails sent from Susan to the buyer on this blog, the above is a summarized version of the email exchange between them. Again, all the information is substantiated.)

The following is the final email sent to Susan from the buyer:

From: (removed)
To: alexland
Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 2:36 AM
Subject: Re: eBay purchases - item #43067*****

How about this...I won't ask my family to do anything that I won't do myself. I will be in MO in August, if you want to wait that long (like you have with some of your other orders) I will pick it up myself. If not, then please just go through with the NPB*(Non-paying bidder report thru Ebay) and get it over with. I am truly tired of having the same conversation with different words.

Flat out, here we go. I do not trust you to ship the exact item I have bid on. I do not believe for one second that I will receive that item. I WILL NOT send concealed cash. I will only pay via PayPal if you send the item via registered Priority Mail (shipping charges were enough to cover this, I know I ship enough things) with Signature confirmation. I did not intentionally bid on this item just to rip you out of money, I truly want it. I have given the only option other than COD that I will accept. The only response I require from you is either "yes, we can do it this way" or "no, this is not acceptable." Any future emails after your answer will be blocked."

*Susan Corbett re-listed the item on Ebay and did not respond to the buyer's requests for alternate payment options.

Victim # 12

"I had an order of Aplix, total of 150.39 worth. Alex got really rude with me when I started asking when it was going to be shipped. Well as it stands, I have never gotten my order. I ended up changing emails because she kept sending me harrassing emails. It was too late to file with paypal, so I chalked it up to a lesson learned. I remained in her group because that was right around the time things got heated..(and)I wanted to see how she would handle that. I wasn't surprised to see how she treated them after the emails she had sent me. I am out that money and a whole ton of stress. I ended up getting kicked out of her group...gee seems she does that to anyone who even remotely opposes her or presents a threat to her and her precious scams."

Friday, July 02, 2004

Overseas Cash?

It would be unwise for anyone to send cash from overseas to the United States to pay for a purchase through ANY online business. There would be no record of the transaction and you would have no legal standing to prove that it had been received by the seller.

A reputable business would NEVER ask their customers to use this method of payment.

Please use caution with any seller who requests this method of payment.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Who Runs this Blog?

Just for the record, I am not Susan Corbett's Mother-in-law, ex-husband, or any relative or friend of her estranged family.

Also, for the "record", all of the information on this site, including the supporting documentation is currenty in the hands of the authorities listed below.

The owner of this blog and other invloved parties are currently working directly with the authorities regarding Susan Corbett. In fact, the authorities were not aware of her fraudulent dealings until a few concerned victims took action and called her local authorities. That is how the "saga" began. Susan's history speaks for itself.

The pending criminal charges for violation of a custody order are only included here to illustrate her opportunistic use of her child to validate her actions. Again, the court document links tell the true story.

Any new information about bad business dealing with Alex Land aka Susan Corbett is forwarded to the investigators as soon as it is received.

If you have information pertinent to this situation, please email to:

Thanks for your help!