alex land update

This blog exists to provide factual trade information regarding Alex Land Enterprises, a registered corporation in the state of Missouri since 6/24/2004. The corporation is owned by Susan Corbett Brass, aka Alex Land. All information contained within this blog is factual, culled from public records and other substantiated sources. All community agency (police, etc.) contact information is as current as possible. Please report any broken links to site administrator.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

alex_land back at Ebay

Susan Corbett, using the id alex_land has reappeared on Ebay. Undoubtedly they have decided that her auction fees in their pocket out-weigh her criminal activity. Imagine that.

For good measure, she has opened yet another store on Ebay, the PUL store.

Well, as we've said before, BUYER BEWARE!