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This blog exists to provide factual trade information regarding Alex Land Enterprises, a registered corporation in the state of Missouri since 6/24/2004. The corporation is owned by Susan Corbett Brass, aka Alex Land. All information contained within this blog is factual, culled from public records and other substantiated sources. All community agency (police, etc.) contact information is as current as possible. Please report any broken links to site administrator.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Almost a Victim

* This person purchased items from Susan Corbett on Ebay. After the purchase, the buyer became aware of the bad business dealings of alex_land (Ebay user id). She checked with the police investigators in Missouri and they confirmed the information.

Susan/Alex would only accept Paypal or concealed cash, but because the buyer knew that Susan had a history of "delaying" shipments until the 30 day Paypal complaint window had closed, she requested another method of payment; cashier's check or money order.

The buyer had every intention of fulfilling her obligation, even though the seller, alex_land was disreputable. The buyer finally offered to pay with Paypal ONLY if the item was shipped Priority with signature confirmation to protect the buyer. The buyer also offered COD, but Susan said that her Post Office was phasing out COD service. That would be the only post office in the US that does that.

Susan refused both offers and ended the transaction.

(Because I cannot post the emails sent from Susan to the buyer on this blog, the above is a summarized version of the email exchange between them. Again, all the information is substantiated.)

The following is the final email sent to Susan from the buyer:

From: (removed)
To: alexland
Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 2:36 AM
Subject: Re: eBay purchases - item #43067*****

How about this...I won't ask my family to do anything that I won't do myself. I will be in MO in August, if you want to wait that long (like you have with some of your other orders) I will pick it up myself. If not, then please just go through with the NPB*(Non-paying bidder report thru Ebay) and get it over with. I am truly tired of having the same conversation with different words.

Flat out, here we go. I do not trust you to ship the exact item I have bid on. I do not believe for one second that I will receive that item. I WILL NOT send concealed cash. I will only pay via PayPal if you send the item via registered Priority Mail (shipping charges were enough to cover this, I know I ship enough things) with Signature confirmation. I did not intentionally bid on this item just to rip you out of money, I truly want it. I have given the only option other than COD that I will accept. The only response I require from you is either "yes, we can do it this way" or "no, this is not acceptable." Any future emails after your answer will be blocked."

*Susan Corbett re-listed the item on Ebay and did not respond to the buyer's requests for alternate payment options.