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This blog exists to provide factual trade information regarding Alex Land Enterprises, a registered corporation in the state of Missouri since 6/24/2004. The corporation is owned by Susan Corbett Brass, aka Alex Land. All information contained within this blog is factual, culled from public records and other substantiated sources. All community agency (police, etc.) contact information is as current as possible. Please report any broken links to site administrator.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Victim #13

"I didn't lose much money ($5.49), and the first transaction (PUL) with her went wonderfully (I ordered, I paid, she shipped immediately, I got it within 7 days of auction end). The second one (Aplix) was horrible...I paid, she never send any kind of email response (turns out this was when she was incarcerated). I heard of her incarceration, so I filed with PayPal to get my money back before the 30 day period was up. I also posted ONE negative feedback comment under the Aplix transaction because of the non-receipt, no communication. When I finally heard from her, it was from TWO negative feedbacks that she had left from my first transaction (the PUL). That transaction was over 30 days old, and she had never placed feedback for me until the second transaction (Aplix) had gone bad and I got a refund from PayPal. Since eBay had removed the Aplix transaction ID due to this scam, she couldn't post a response to it, so she used the other two open feedback comments (from the PUL) to slam me. I have lots of copies of emails. I have ones I sent and ones she sent me. I have given up on getting any kind of reasonable or logical response from her. I gave her positive feedback almost immediately to say I had received the PUL. She just couldn't seem to get it that there were two transactions. All her responses were illogical and mean. I've never met a business person that is so disreputable."